Chemotherapy bag
I instantly recognize the shade of yellow on the bag. Seeing the warning symbol, my instincts take over. I do a 180. The hall is a dead end. If I could keep going, it would not matter. My cancer is coming with me. I have no […]
A closeup picture of a woman with short hair
I got the call at 2:23 pm. Three minutes later, I hung up. My one-word responses of “yes and huh” did not match the caller’s four-syllable words. By the end of the call only four syllables mattered. I have cancer.  The diagnosis is B-Cell Small Lymphocytic […]
The phrase “I am not feeling well” has been my normal for a while. When I vacuum, that is all I can do for the day. Months go by where sitting on the couch is all I can manage. Terrible pain wakes me in the middle […]