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A few years ago I was diagnosed with venous reflux disease. Venous reflux disease goes beyond the easily noticed varicose veins and spider veins. It is a serious medical condition in which some valves in the vascular system are broken. The valves in your veins control the direction of blood flow. When the blood flow has no working “door” to control the in and out, the result is poor circulation. Some symptoms of venous reflux are: varicose veins, areas of the legs are cold to the touch, unexplained achiness, and numbness. In some cases, surgery is needed to address quality of life and to save limbs.

Compression socks
Compression socks are a must to help with the circulatory systems when you have varicose veins

Sitting at a desk can affect your venous reflux disease or other circulatory concerns.

The other day, after sitting at my desk for a while, I noticed my legs were asleep and feeling cold. I knew it was past time to get up and move. If for some reason I am not able to step away from my desk, I do circular motions with my ankles to help with my blood flow. If blood collects in my ankle for too long, it could cause the vein to stretch. That stretching affects the elasticity of the veins. If overstretched too long, the loss of elasticity could lead to a collapse.

Things you can practice when you have circulatory issues.

Before you try to solve a problem on your own, get medical care. You need a doctor to help you find the RIGHT treatment for you. While the steps I list are true for MOST circulatory issues, and they help me. I have had ultra-sounds and diagnostic surgeries that show Venous Reflux Disease is what is ailing me.

  1. Wear compression stocking – they provide positive pressure to help with the pooling of the blood.
  2. Do not cross your legs or ankles – the crossing of legs constricts blood flow.
  3. Cut down on salt – excessive salt intake causes you to retain water, putting more pressure on veins that are already weak.
  4. Drink plenty of water – dehydration can affect your circulation.
  5. Get up and move – moving aids circulation.

These five simple practices, when put into use can help with most circulatory issues, They especially help me manage my venus reflux disease symptoms that have flared up by having a desk job. When you are more comfortable you are a better worker.



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