Remnants of Grace

The holidays are here! Christmas, New Years, Valentines’ Day! All around the world women are saying “I have nothing to wear!” Mainly because the whole world has gone casual and there’s nothing but outdated dress clothes hanging in your closet. It’s the holidays you want to change things up a bit but you are not too sure how to pull it off.

Here are four outfits I pulled right from my own closet. These looks only needed a few dollars to modernize something I already own. In the photos below, I’ll give some practical styling tips on how use those dress clothes you already have. Explain how a fresh top, or accessories can be added to create an updated look without spending much money.

These outfits fit the bill of being dressed up, but are not out of place in a casual. Try these tips to add some fun to what you already own and enjoy a night on the town or family get together.

Lined cream dress slacks

Traditional, lined cream dress slacks, bought with matching suit jacket, about 10 years ago. I left the suit jacket at home. Why be stuffy? I bought a cute top to go with the pants. The chunky heels, coordinates with the shirt buckle and pulls the whole outfit together. Bonus points if you match the wall paper!

Not to sure about a lower neckline? Try oversized earrings, or necklace to feel more covered.

Do not forget the accessories! New accessories are much cheaper than a new top.

  • Mix up your bling with both real and costume to keep your dress clothes more casual.
  • Add a seasonal broach to change up a blouse.
  • Layer on bracelets of different elements to express your personality

Holiday outfit
Posing for holidays

Jogging style pants are something I have been wanting to try. They look so comfortable and I like how they taper at the ankles. These joggers where handed down to me from my daughter (for free!) and I decided to finally give them a try.

I paired them with my favorite top. I really like how this outfit pulled together. The classic cut of the top contrasts with the edgier style of pant. The zipper detail at the ankles offsets the boxier shape of the blouse.

When trying a new style keep all the pieces the same color. It’s one less thing to be think about.

Not too sure what shoes to wear, keep the heels low and the color neutral. Keep your accessories minimal if one of your garments has a bold print.

Don’t forget your favorite pair of jeans! They are the perfect match when pulling one of those pretty blouses from your closet. Pair a darker pair of jeans with a unique blouse for the ultimate dress casual look! This Chinese silk blouse is so versatile. This outfit can go from glam to sporty with a change of accessories.

The right accessories will dramatically change the feel of any tried and true outfit. Cheap, brass earrings, precious stones or a sentimental stud will change the tone for your outfit.

Footwear can be an accessory too! I think cowboy boots go with everything. Try wearing a flats to a dressy event to be more casual. Try that chunky heel; they are comfortable and fashionable. Your footwear choice and breath new life into your older clothes in a instant

Silk blouse
Versatile earrings
Fashionable footwear

Do you have some heirloom jewelry you would like to wear? Keep your outfit simple.

This outfit was all about the bling. The fabrics in this outfit are all cotton blend. The black and white color combination was the perfect backdrop for my jewelry. A very casual outfit makes elegant formal jewelry at home at just about any event.

Cotton blend outfit



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