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Buying stocking stuffer for your colllege age children does not have to be tricky. 12 stocking stuffer ideas that you college students will use.

My favorite Christmas memories are of my children opening up their stockings. They were allowed to open those up on their own. The “ohs and ahs”of them opening up their stockings would wake me. I miss the pitter patter of their little feet as they ran back and forth between rooms, giggling over their stocking stuffers.

Now the sparkle of Christmas morning is ignited by coffee. They dragg behind them mounys of unwashed laundry. Yet the kid inside of them is just as excited for their stocking stuffers.

The week before Christmas is full of fluffing pillows, cooking their favorite cookies, planing a family outing and decorating the house. All is going well until you pull out the stockings. What do you stuff them with? You would like to keep the tradition going but legos and Barbie just will not do anymore.

It is okay if you are at a loss when it comes to buying those stocking stuffers.. It is challenging. You still see them as the little kids jumping on your bed Christmas morning with their stockings trailing after them.

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The stockings are hung with care. But what to fill them?

I found that practical stocking stuffers are best. Take into account their lifestyle and how much personal space they have. Below is a list of 12 stocking stuffer ideas my adult children appreciated and used. Do not forget the candy! I skipped that one year, thinking they were too old. I was wrong! I quote “we are never too old for candy!”

  • Stamps and envelopes
  • Phone charger
  • Command hooks
  • Extension cord
  • Tide pen
  • Gas card
  • Gift certificate for a car wash
  • Toothbrush
  • Sewing kit
  • Pens
  • Travel umbrella
  • Gift card to their local dry cleaners

Gone are the days of dolls and trucks but that doesn’t mean your children have out grown the fun of their stockings stuffers. Just do not forget to add the candy!



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