Remnants of Grace

The perfect pair of boots can go with more than just jeans. Boots can go with everything! Follow these styling tips to get more use out of your boots.

Can you wear black and brown togeather?” Yes, you can wear black and brown together! I find wearing all the same color, from head to toe, makes for looks very heavy, as if you are cemented to the ground. I paired my brown boots with an all black outfit. The end result is an instant, lifted look. Wondering about accessories? Try a pop of color. Or keep them in earth tones.

How do I wear boots with my skirts?” By understanding that when you wear boots WITH dress clothes they become elevated to dress shoes. This outfit is composed of my leather boots and silk skirt. They go great. They have a heel and are shiny, just like dress shoes. Another thing you can do is add a jacket to help pull in a more causal vivib.

I do not want to look like a cowgirl.” Boots do make a statement, and it is not just western. Boots can add the right touch to any fashion statement. These boots do not look out of place with this fun outfit. The are the perfect height for these pants. And they match the ponch perfectly.



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