Remnants of Grace

There’s nothing like a significant birthday to make some resolutions. I usually do not make them because they are always boil down to the same things again and again: get on a schedule, build my relationships, make time to be creative. As I approach 50, I am mindful that half my life is behind me and I still have not met those goals. I feel this is holding me back from success.

As a baby
Me at one years old.

Do you know what? I’m done making excuses. I don’t have my kids home, so I can not “blame them” for my own failure. I am finishing my half-century with a bang. I am going to close out my 40s by tying up loose ends, completing projects and having several bucket list adventures. I have 50 resolutions! My goal is to complete my list by October of 2021. That gives me 10 months to complete this journey.

I invite you to be part of my adventure. Turning 50 is a huge milestone for me and I might need some encouragement along the way.

In no particular order here is my list:

  1. Start a container garden to provide fresh produce
  2. Watch the movie “The God Father”
  3. Sprinkle rose pedals on my bed for a romantic evening with my husband
  4. Decorate my bedroom so my husband and I feel it is complete
  5. Install open shelving in my kitchen
  6. Crash a party and leave a gift card
  7. Become CPR certified
  8. Volunteer 50 hours of my time to a good cause
  9. Macramé a hammock
  10. Do a “I’m fifty and fabulous” photo shoot
  11. Learn to open champagne
  12. Teach Mary (the puppy) how to shake
  13. Cut out my daily cup of coffee
  14. Find exercises that work for me
  15. Have lunch with my sister
  16. Donate $50 to the Ronald McDonald house
  17. Make baked Alaska
  18. Make a list of 50 essential items that everybody needs in their wardrobe
  19. Professional wax of my upper lip ( my husband hates this one, I don’t know why)
  20. Wear a bikini (my husband loves this one…)
  21. Learn to drive a manual transmission car
  22. Perform karaoke
  23. Try to find my best friend from high school
  24. Read Gone With the Wind
  25. Donate blood
  26. Take a hot air balloon ride
  27. Participate in the Forest Gump 5k
  28. Dance to the song “Beautiful Things” by Gungor
  29. Send 50 soldiers a Christmas card
  30. Buy a copy of my favorite book Girl of the Limberlost
  31. Maintain my waist line
  32. Plant fifty daffodils
  33. Create a home “bar” so I can make a nice cocktail for company
  34. Learn how to change a tire
  35. Buy a pair of leather boots
  36. Transfer my wedding video from VHS to the cloud
  37. Finish going though all my old photos
  38. Make all the hard decisions to no longer need a storage unit
  39. Help my husband build his next sailboat
  40. Create my own yearly planner
  41. Update the look of my blog
  42. Go on another cruise
  43. Perfect the cat eye look
  44. Go see my family in NY
  45. Travel to India
  46. Go though my hope chest
  47. Research the antique china I inherited from a neighbor
  48. Set up my weaving loom
  49. Learn the proper names of the Lowcountry birds I see every day
  50. Learn the Electric Slide



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