Remnants of Grace

There is nothing more enjoyable than showing off your puppy and the tricks it can do. Here are five tips to help you teach your puppy the trick of shaking.

“Mary, shake!” Mary, my 1-year-old Boykin Spaniel, looks at me – cute, wide-eyed, and confused. I think the confusion was evident on both of our parts.

She is wondering why I am not playing. I am wondering why she is not holding up her paw to shake. Then it hits me, I have to teach her how to perform this basic trick.

Here Are My 5 Essential Tips on How to Teach Your Puppy to Shake:

  1. Make sure your puppy has the basic commands learned. Sit, stay, and down are the base foundations for knowing when your puppy is ready to lean a new trick, like shaking.
  2. Have treats at the ready. Nothing says something good is about to happen than a pocketful of treats.
  3. Be Consistent. Use the same word thought out the household for teaching the command “shake”. Some families like the word “paw”.
  4. Keep the training session short. Short training sessions keep the frustrations at bay for both you and the puppy.
  5. Have fun! Learning happens best with praise and lots of high energy.

I just assumed her knowing how to shake was part of every dog’s DNA. After just one month of working with her, Mary can now shake. What tips do you have for treating your pets new tricks? Let me know if these tips helped you and your furry friend!



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